The Masters of the Emerald Cloth

Verhoeven billiard tables are world-famous. All Belgian national championships and most international competitions are played on them. If a record is improved, Verhoeven’s billiard tables share in the honours.
This certainly leads to word-of-mouth advertising, and 80% of their total production finds its way to the four corners of the earth. If you ask billiards players which table they prefer to play on, they will answer "On a Verhoeven".

Players also like to visit Verhoeven's showroom and workshop in the small Belgian municipality of Malle, the centre of billiard table building near Antwerp. From there the tables find their way to all the places where top competitions are held and records broken.
Our charming host, Verhoeven Luc and his assistants, are fascinating and passionate ambassadors of billiard tables and the game of billiards itself.
How big Belgium is in tennis, athletics but also, and for a very long time, billiard tables. It is not only Belgian champions who prefer to play on a Verhoeven. All champions do.

They are the Masters of the Emerald Cloth, cue in hand, while the Verhoeven specialists are the Masters of the Emerald Cloth, tools in hand.

verhoeven biljarts plkaat.jpg