A Family Tradition of more than 30 years

Jos Verhoeven started his business in 1973. He passed on his craftsmanship almost genetically to his son Luc. As child he was already familiar with the atmosphere and work in the workshop. He's the only one in Belgium and indeed in the world to be awarded the certificate of Billiard Table Builder with distinction. They supervise the unparalleled quality of the billiard tables they manufacture. This craftsmanship is the result of years of experience and sheer know-how, as well as the special attention they devote to minute details: the stapling of the cloth, the original 5cm thick Italian slates, the rubber cushions on all models and the way in which they are fixed, which is one of the well-guarded secrets of Verhoeven. The quality of these Kléber Klematch® P37-cushions used on all billiard tables is controlled by Verhoeven.

The workshop oozes an atmosphere of specialists and craftsmen who are completely devoted to offering the very best product available. The stacked elements - planks in all kinds of wood, metal parts, rubber cushions - are awaiting the expert hands and specialist tools. Here you can discover original tables from a distant past. The impressive quality of these 'antique' tables can also be found in the latest creations.

Quality billiard tables

Precision is the keyword at Verhoeven, both as a motto and a mission. All parts are meticulously finished and assembled with the utmost care. Almost 70% of the mitre work is done manually. The Iwan Simonis cloth guarantees improved playability and speed. All the wood we use and process in our workshop is of top quality. The original Italian slates are precision-honed and levelled to 18 hundredths of a millimetre.
Our expertly designed range meets the wishes of all billiard players, including world champions.

Luc and Marc Verhoeven recommend Iwan Simonis cloth. They believe it offers the best guarantee of optimal output, which translates into perfect playability and speed.